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BUTTERCUP SOUP  Thai curry, peeky toe crab, Lebanese lime yogurt, smoked peanut dust  10. 

BANGS ISLE MUSSELS tasso, white beans, escarole, spice route butter 12

PEEKY TOE CRAB CAKES aji sauce, roasted pineapple, sambal unagi, shisho leaf 14.

SHRIMP TACOS lime chile, roasted corn, mango, chipotle mayo, radish 9.

CRACKLIN’ CALAMARI spice dusted, lemon caper aioli, basil, candied jalapenos 13.

CRISPY ASIAN RAVIOLI lemongrass chicken, spinach, peppers, ginger’d sweet chile butter 9.

AHI TUNA TARTARE Hawaiian tartare, chili aioli, shaved radish, avocado, scallion oil, tropical chips 12.

CHORIZO CORN FRITTERS lime cilantro cucumber crema, chow choe 10.

CITRUS CURED SALMON pickled red onion, charred jalapeno corn bread, chive horseradish creme fraiche, caper 13.


JAPANESE CAESAR romaine, cashews, smashed edamame, wasabi miso dressing, wonton crisps  7.

BABY WEDGE baby iceburg, chorizo, avocado, chipotle buttermilk bleu cheese dressing, fried shallot 9.

BEETS  baby arugula, dill chevre creme fraiche, pine nuts, candied garlic, verjus mustard vinaigrette 8.

FARM APPLES  spinach, charred red onion, chevre, spiced pecans, cider mustard vinaigrette 7.

BRUSSELS shaved sprouts, cob smoked bacon, red onion, dried cranberries, Marcona almonds, parmesan, lemon honey dressing 11.


LOBSTER potato chive gnocchi, brandy, tomato lobster cream, house ricotta, tobikko roe 28.

AHI TUNA togarashi crust, green tea soba, watercress, wakame, Thai basil, Casco bay sauces 28.

SCALLOPS tart apple risotto, petite beet veal glace, shaved fennel and charred frissee 31.

FORBIDDEN SHRIMP emperors black rice, Chinese sausage, edamame, shimejis and bulgogi bbq 26.

SWORDFISH  braised lentils, andouille sausage, lobster butter broth, tomato jam, toasted garlic 29.

SALMON purple sticky rice, Thai curry Marcona almond coconut sauce, Asian pear, tatsoi, lotus root 27.

COD truffled parsnip puree, exotic local mushrooms, arugula, filberts, lemon vincotto, parsnip chips 26.


PETITE FILETS roasted fingerling rings, roassted cippolini onions, wilted Winter greens, port veal sauce 28.

SHORT RIB Okinawan braised, shishito pepper jasmine rice, black skillet vegetables, natural juice 34.

HANGER all natural, hand cut fries, roast shallot veal demi, fine herb dressed arugula, Carolina bbq'd ketchup, herbed horseradish mayo 27.

BISTRO BURGER wagu style, pesto, lobster, roasted shallot chevre, sesame roll, truffled parmesan frites 25.

BRICK CHICKEN  pomegranite molassas chile glazed, creamed new potatoes, spaghetti squash 26.

DUCK BREAST sweet potato puree, farm carrots, whole grains, Fall spiced cider reduction, micro greens 28.


forbidden black rice, bulgogi 7.
brussels sprouts, sesame, soy  8.
Maine lobster mac 12.
hand cut frites, Carolina bbq'd ketchup 6. truffle herb 8.
locally cultivated mushrooms 8.

black skillet vegetables 6.
roasted beets dodonis feta 8.                                                                                         spinach, shallot, soy, sesame 6.                                                                                    heirloom carrots, gomasio 8.

Consumption of raw or undercooked foods may increase risk of food bourne illness
Please advise wait staff of any food allergies you may have before ordering

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Chef Jeff Buerhaus